8 reasons Turkey should be your next family vacation


TURKEY HAS more answers to “I’m bored” than you’ll ever be able to list before the kids are off headfirst into the next adventure. Here, you’ll find family-friendly attractions and activities of all kinds, some historical, some natural, all educational — and yes, even the ice cream counts as educational. From miniature boats to shadow puppets, climbing fairy chimneys to spelunking in underground cities, this is one place the kids are never going to forget. Here are eight reasons why Turkey should be your next family vacation destination.

Thailand – Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden

photo by Jay Tarike

Wang Saen Suk is a garden full of statues depicting what is supposed to be Buddhist hell.

While the garden attracts plenty of families, there are gruesome scenes depicted there. After passing a “Welcome to Hell!” sign, visitors encounter sinners boiled in copper cauldrons, sinners being torn apart by hell’s dogs, and emaciated sinners with protruding ribs. “If you meet the Devil in this life, don’t postpone merit-making which will help you to defeat him in the next life,” a sign in the garden reads. “Donate a little each day and you’ll have a happy life.”

I Explored The Vibrant Surrounding Village Life Of Bagan

by​Zacho Ho

As the morning sun gently hits the beautiful stupa-strewn landscape of Bagan, I explored the vibrant surrounding village life. The most beautiful time of the day to visit Bagan is during sunrise or sunset. It’s difficult to take it all in. I just need to spend more days. I wanted to create a storytelling photos, hence spending few days chasing after the cattle & goats during sunset. It was dusty and the lighting condition just changed rapidly. I needed to get my camera setting changed fast in order not to miss the moment I wanted. The sun rays were filtering through the foliage with the kicked up of the dust from the cattle & goats was amazing.

© Zacho Ho.

The Hidden Buddha Surrounded by a Hill of 150,000 Lavenders

the hidden buddha surrounded by a hill of lavender 4 The Hidden Buddha Surrounded by a Hill of 150,000 Lavenders

Photograph by Shigeo Ogawa via Vitra


On the outskirts of Sapporo, Japan, you will find the Makomanai Takino Cemetery. Established in 1982, a large stone Buddha sculpted 15 years ago sat alone in a vast field, giving an ‘unrestful impression’ according to the client.