Amsterdam guide

10 Surprising Reasons to Visit Amsterdam

 Budget Travel Guide: Hidden Secrets & Best Places in Amsterdam So you want to go to Amsterdam, but you don’t know what to do other than visiting coffee shops in the Red Light District… Don’t worry. There’re coffee shops in other neighborhoods, too. I’m Marko. I’m Alex. And we are the Vagabrothers. This is […]

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Gare du Nord - Travel in Paris

Gare du Nord – Travel in Paris

   Seven hundred thousand people pass through here every single day. But none of them stop to look at the building. Their loss! Gare du Nord is the busiest train station in Europe. Built in 1846 with just two platforms, it was soon found to be too small… and was completely rebuilt in 1866. […]

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Sex Tourism: Amsterdam

 In this video I look at sex tourism while I’m in Amsterdam. With the video I look in a few sex shops so if you think you might be offended by something you might see in there. I think it’s best if you click away now. Set tourism is quite a complicated topic. Some […]

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How to Find the Best Italy Tours

Italy has won over the tourism industry with its magnetic charm and rich history. The fifth most visited country in the world receives more than 50 million tourists annually. Tourists often get confused trying to plan their itinerary around the Vatican in Rome, Renaissance artworks in Florence, canals in venice and fashion in Milan. If […]

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