My Minimal Travel Backpack Setup

So I’m traveling to Japan next week, and wanted to try carrying everything I needed for the 2 week trip in a minimal and lightweight carry on backpack setup. I’m keeping the total weight under 7kg to keep it light and mobile as I’ll be carrying it from city to city. And really just sticking to the basics here, with most of my clothes from Uniqlo. A couple cheap travel organizers. And holding only a couple electronics like my camera, phone, and noise canceling earbuds to keep me connected for the 2 weeks. Hi I’m David and here my one backpack carry on travel setup For the backpack I’ll be using the original Aer Travel pack that I reviewed a while back. And what I really like about this bag is the clean and simple design that doesn’t look too touristy, and the large main compartment to hold the majority of my stuff.

It’s not perfect with the shoulder straps being a little stiff for my shoulders over a long period of time. And with all the extra zippers and pockets, an empty bag already weighs almost 2kg, that really eats into my 7kg target. But those are just some minor concerns. Cracking into the main compartment. Most of my clothes are kept in these IKEA packing cubes, which really help with keeping organized. Shirts and pants in one, and socks and underwear in the other. Clothes alone can really add up in weight and luggage space so when choosing my travel clothes I looked for items that were lightweight, comfortable, simple to wash and quick drying. In the first cube I have 4 t-shirts, and 2 pants, in addition to what I’ll be wearing on the plane.

And in the second I have 5 Airism boxer briefs, and 3 socks from darn tough. This is much less than I would usually bring for a long trip but laundry machines should be fairly easy to find at the places I’m staying so I’ll just recycle through clothes. Some extras that I’ll bring depending on the location and weather include a microfiber towel, a sweater, and a windbreaker. This combo should keep me warm enough during colds nights. And relatively dry during rain. The jacket isn’t waterproof so if I’m stuck out in a storm, I’ll also have an emergency plastic poncho. And if I’m still cold I can always purchase additional items as necessary. While I’ll be carrying all my stuff in a single backpack when travelling from city to city. For daytrips, I’ll leave the large backpack behind and use this packable bag from eddie bauer instead. It’s small and light so I can just stuff it away when I’m not using it.

The bag comfort is decent when packed light, but watch out for heavy or odd shaped items in this bag that will quickly make this uncomfortable with its flimsy construction. So for daytrips I’ll just stick to carrying a jacket and my camera bag inside here. While in Japan, I plan on filming a little a bit, so I’ll be bringing my camera along with essentials like a spare battery, sd cards and the charger. And also using a Joby tripod for mounting it in place. I thought about buy a smaller and lighter camera like the Sony RX100 mark 5. But that’s a lot money for me to be spending on this trip so I’ll just tough out the extra size and weight of my G7 for now. The other electronics I’m bringing are fairly simple. Like a charger, power bank, and cables. Where I did end up splurging a little was on the Bose Noise Canceling Earbuds. I really like my other Bose QC25 headphones but they weren’t worth the size and weight for me to carry on this trip. I also tried earplugs or the Etymotic noise isolating earbuds as a cheaper alternative but I find earplug and noise isolating earbuds do a poor job reducing those low frequency rumbles you get on a plane.

So I ended up buying the QC20, and their noise cancelation is amazing for commuting. The negatives are pretty significant with it being very expensive, this in line adapter location can be annoying, and I’m a little worried about build construction based on all the reviews I’ve read, but it’s worth it to me for the peace and quiet on such a long trip. For my toiletries, I found this really neat and cheap kit from IKEA to organize all my liquids. But in actuality transferring gels and creams to the reusable bottles was a pain for me so I usually just end up getting travel sized versions of the basics I need.

And finally just some random accessories like a lock and carabiners, and an extra compression sack that I keep in the bottom compartment of my bag for my used clothing. So that’s a quick look at everything I’m carrying for my 2 week trip to Japan. A pretty basic setup to keep things lightweight and mobile, travelling from city to city. But hope you guys enjoyed this one. You know what to do. And I’ll see you in the next video. .

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