Gouqi Island, China: Abandoned Place Covered by Mother Nature

Gouqi IslandNature has the power to destroy the strongest human structure. Also there is a power to quiet and peaceful that made beautiful beautiful places. When given chance to flower in human constructions has the ability to turn to the miracles of the world. Interesting things that only nature knows to let us breath. sTUBE presents in this documentary slip into the most beautiful places in the world that have been abandoned and over time Mother Nature has done her job well.

Do as much like this interesting video. Ross island is 300 square feet that was used as a colony for Indian unrest. In year 1942 high mortality, water sickness, and fear of Japanese occupation were British to abandon the island. Without human presence, the roots of trees have grown around the buildings remaining. Visitors can explore these beautiful places in contrast to dark stories that was the island of Ross. In odd places, the ship is packed with wonderful trees which is located in Australia. The ship that was brought to take over took the title “Floating Forest”. The 107-year-old ship is protected by the demolition was a steamship that traveled from England to Australia and served for the US Army during the Second Wars World. Shortly after shipping the shipping company was shut down, lane everything History. The miracle nature that gave her the right to earn the title “Superb”. One of the world’s most renowned mysterious places is in the desert Namibian.

Kolmanskop is a ghost town of humble weather. After that city was abandoned in 1956 the natural forces caused falls of sand within the creating facilities a unique pouch. These countries also have many mysterious things in this place a diamond mining city was built in 1908 after a railroad worker discovered a diamond. The fall of the population began after the Second World War when one was discovered the largest diamond deposit in the south of the city, making everyone leave the home Theirs. Nowadays, abandoned houses filled with sand have a focus on distinct from the public. The city is still owned by the mining and guest company for the ghost town take place every day. Gouqi Island is a natural island with amazing views and many interesting facts many high mountain peaks. The population began to be distributed in 1990. The nature here is here performed supernatural work covering all the houses with its beauty. Things the oddities of this city have made it to be very attractive to tourists. The island was supported in the fish industry in the past.

These abandoned places are in China. Some fishing villagers visit the island every year to catch fish. But most of the island is now just a ghost country. In Mavrovo Lake is a castle and the ruins of a church emerging from the water. But the decision to secure the water until it was flooded. Although this is done by hand of course the man with the permission of the Lord Mother Nature has done its job the best. Church was built in 1850 and flooded in 1953 to form the artificial lake. The Qat is collapsed by creating an island in which plants grow. Amazing views of a church in shallow water are really great things to visit. Centralia is a perfect example of people who use nature. The city is not I was abandoned. It was a mining town until 1962. A fire that was intended to burning the city’s landfill accidentally spread to the city’s mines. Zone became increasingly uncertain. Today, fewer people live in a city that has been devastated from the fire that is still burning down.

Fire in coal mines will continue until finish the coal to burn. This city is an example of undisciplined force of nature. This Albanian documentary is leading one of the mysterious places worth visiting the Church of San Juan with a nice view surrounded by hardened lava. In 1943 volcano Paricut began to rise. The volcano is monogenetic, which means it will not it was scattered in the same place. The volcano completely covered two cities and, of course, the Lord brings the Miracles of the World by saving only one church. Lava is a nutritional lending helping the plants grow faster by turning the fields that surround them in thick gardens. The Church is a great tourist place with thousands of people coming to see these facts

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These abandoned locations have been reclaimed by Mother Nature

This archipelago is made up of 400 islands, of which only 17 are non-inhabitable. Among them, you'll find the island of Gouqi.