The Back Room opens in Bonifacio Global City, Manila

The Back Room has opened in Bonifacio Global City, the fast-expanding commercial centre of Manila, capital of the Philippines.

The location draws on the history of prohibition of the United States, when nighthawks would enjoy parties in clandestine drinking dens called speakeasies.

Drawing on this heritage, the new bar is inspired by this obscure, secretive and enigmatic culture.

Once inside, the atmosphere of the bar exudes a sophisticated glamour.

Beverages are king, with a focus on unusual elements, odd glassware and attention to detail.

There is also a focus on craft gin – with the Back Room even offering its own distillery.

The service is sophisticated, yet cheeky, with the staff known as bootleggers, babes and rumrunners.

Beats and music are big, with 1920s upbeat jazz and swing adding to the constant flow of energy.

The location offers a total of 18 cocktails, each one inspired by the different signature elements of the prohibition era.

“We do not offer any classic cocktails, we have invented the whole menu here at The Back Room,” explains Ulysse Jouanneaud, executive mixologist at The Back Room.

“This is important for us, we have aspirations to take our place in the top 50 bars in the world, so we must create something unique here.”

The Jag Juice category includes strong, spirit-forward drinks, while Giggle Water cocktails are refreshing and light.

Live Wire mixtures are sophisticated and glam, Moonshine drinks are adventurous and experimental, and On a Toot drinks are for sharing.

The Back Room also offers a selection of innovative bar chow and sweets inspired by Filipino flavours.

Traditional food selections are considered, but presented in a modern way.



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