106-year-old goes zip lining

Jack Reynolds zip liningJack Reynolds just age-shamed an entire generation of millennials. The 106-year-old became the oldest person ever to set out on a zip-line, adding to his record-breaking list of accomplishments, which already includes oldest person to get a tattoo and oldest person to ride a rollercoaster. Like these prior feats, he tackled the challenge on his birthday, a day that seems to become a bigger event each year, according to LAD Bible.

Reynolds zipped through a British forest nearly 200 feet above the ground for about a quarter-mile, hitting a speed of 40 miles per hour at peak flight. The fact that Reynolds set a Guinness World Record — his third, by the way — at age 106 is impressive in itself. But this young-at-heart centenarian took it a step further and broadcast the stunt live, in real time — millennial style at its finest. Granted, the broadcast happened on British television instead of Instagram.

After stepping safely back onto land, Reynolds spoke to Good Morning Britain, which was onsite to capture the moment. “It’s been a really good day today,” he said to the program. “Lovely. It’s been worth coming for.”

The tattoo that set his first Guinness World Record happened on his 104th birthday. It reads “Jacko,” Reynold’s longtime nickname. He became the oldest to ride a rollercoaster on birthday 105 and couldn’t think of a better way to up the ante this year than to lure his daughter out to watch as he suspended himself 200 feet up in the air. “God, I’m a nervous wreck; he’s absolutely incredible,” Reynold’s anxious daughter Jayne Goodwin said to Good Morning Britain from the sideline. “In fact, I think he’s indestructible.”

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