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Seven hundred thousand people pass through here every single day. But none of them stop to look at the building. Their loss! Gare du Nord is the busiest train station in Europe. Built in 1846 with just two platforms, it was soon found to be too small… and was completely rebuilt in 1866. Today, Gare du Nord is a major hub serving… suburbs of Paris and the north of France. It is also the terminus for several international services, including Eurostar to London and the Thalys to Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne. While the inside of the station is rather modestly decorated, the façade is quite a grand affair. It is adorned with no fewer than 23 statues… representing the main cities served by the station. At the top level, we see the major European destinations… with Paris taking pride of place in the centre.

And on a lower level, the major towns of northern France. Recent developments have produced a brighter interior… with improved services for passengers, including a shopping arcade, a brasserie and several cafés. There is an even more ambitious plan underway… to prepare for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Gare du Nord promises to be an amenity worth visiting, rather than simply passing through on your way to somewhere else..

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