This Company Will Pay You £24k To Travel The World

The job of dreams is now a real thing, thanks to American company ThirdHome.

Cameras at the ready people, because your chance to earn £8,000 a month for travelling to expensive luxury homes all over the world and documenting the experience is finally here.

Tennessee based luxury holiday home company ThirdHome are looking for someone to create content for their social media by going to stay at some of their most fancy holiday homes across the world.

They’re looking to hire someone from late summer to late autumn this year, and need someone who can appreciate luxury as they will be staying in and helping to promote multi-million holiday homes in some of the best destinations in the world. What a hard life.

The company will pay you a pretty generous $10,000 (£8,000) a month for this back breaking work, along with paying for your travel expenses and of course accommodation costs. And if you think it sounds lonely, they will permit one friend to stay with you while you stay in their luxurious holiday rentals – so prepare to break some of your friends’ hearts when you ‘re forced to choose between them.

Your lucky companions’ travel expenses wont be paid for, but for £8,000 a month I’m sure you could split the flight costs with them.

Applicants can be from anywhere in the world, but must be fluent in English, over 18, currently own a passport and be able to create blogs, vlogs and other interesting bits of content about their adventures.

To apply, email them a one minute video that will convince them how right you are for the job. Check out the full requirements before you do.

The deadline is the 30th of March, though, so you should probably hurry up.

(via The Hook Mag)

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