I Travel The World To Photograph The Parallel Worlds Of Puddles With My Smartphone (New Pics)

Many people don’t like rain, but the puddles left behind can be more than magical. Every time I see a puddle I take out my smartphone and put my camera lens as close as I can get to the puddle and capture its parallel world.

With my Instagram @guigurui, I like demonstrate that one does not need an expensive camera in order to take a nice picture. These are some of my puddle reflections I have taken in different cities such as Madrid, Toronto,  London, Paris and more.

More info: Instagram


#1 Lisbon, Portugal


#2 Toronto, Canada


#3 Barcelona, Spain


#4 Toronto, Canada


#5 Madrid, Spain


#6 Toronto, Canada


#7 Madrid, Spain


#8 Madrid, Spain


#9 Madrid, Spain


#10 Madrid, Spain


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